Amanda Seyfried: Nudity is Nothing to Me

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his is the same Amanda Seyfried who first gained noticed in the Tina Fey-penned film “Mean Girls,” and then shot to stardom as the young bride in “Mamma Mia!” When you’re in a movie that makes $600 million, many romantic roles will follow, and Seyfried appeared in several, including “Dear John” and “Letters to Juliet.”
But she wants a more diverse career, and “Lovelace” is obviously a step in that direction. But so is “Gone,” in which she plays a woman stalking a serial killer who has abducted her sister. She believes it is the same predator who abducted her the year before, but police doubt her original claim, and are slow to act on her sister’s disappearance.

Seyfried talks about her upcoming movies, and how they fit into her career plan. Then she unexpectedly unburdened herself on the burdens of stardom. She is getting to the point in her skyrocketing career that she is expected to sell movies on her name alone, and she’s not sure she wants that responsibility.
ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: The last time we spoke, you were very candid about your career. You said what you needed after all those romantic roles was a good psycho killer movie. Is this it?
AMANDA SEYFRIED: Actually, I wanted to play a psycho killer, and I still do.

Q. Even though you’re only chasing a psycho killer in “Gone,” is this the movie you were looking for to send your career in another direction?
A. I don’t think so. It’s still hard for people in Hollywood to buy me as a psycho killer. “Chloe” hit it closer than anything else I’ve done, but I’m still not there. “Gone” is good, though, because while I start out as a victim, I get stronger and show that you can do anything you put your mind to. That’s what I love about this film. There’s nothing too far-fetched about it. She’s not flying off bridges or anything like that. It’s based in reality. It’s a normal girl in extraordinary situations.
Q. Are you tough like your character?
A. I’m tough on people when I’m not getting what I need emotionally, or when I feel like I’m being treated badly.
Q. Do you stand up for yourself?
A. Oh yeah. But, physically, I’m not that tough. If I were in that situation, I probably couldn’t stick my fingers in his eyes. I’d probably just kick him in the shin.
Q. Nobody’s expecting a Hollywood actress to be a Navy SEAL.
A. Everybody should be able to defend themselves, but we’re all too busy in our lives following our passions to learn how to take care of ourselves.

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