Ghost Rider 2 Official Trailer

Ghost Rider 2
Well, after a long wait the Ghost Rider 2 Trailer is officially released and it is nothing less than what has been anticipated. It is packed with multiple times the adrenaline and Insanity. The trailer starts with a calming/soothing music and slowly revs up to the match the extreme insanity on the screen.

Though the directors have been claiming that they have not used much CG in the movie, the sequel looks to be far darker and action filled than the original movie. The  trailer doesn’t show Mephistopheles or Roxane but does show the new characters that we were expecting to see. One being Idris Elba as Moreau and the other being Violante Placido who plays the role of Nadya. The trailer has Less of Nicolas Cage and more of Johnny Blaze a.k.a the Ghost Rider all over it. The movie might not have a major role for the lead actress as it could be seen from the trailer that Ghost Rider is busy fighting the goons and Nadya appears with a one liner that she is not afraid of Ghost Rider.

Though the scenes where Idris Elba shoots a car flying from a bridge and where the Ghost Rider pulls a car with his blazing chain, the scenes that take us to the edge of the seat are where Nicolas Cage swallows the bullets and spits them back and where he literally pees fire. Though the peeing fire scene might not be in the actual movie it has definitely added up to the Insanity quotient of the Movie and have made the fans excited and leaves them waiting for the release of the movie which is planned for February 2011. Share the trailer with your friends and let us know how you feel about the trailer. Comments about the Ghost Rider 2 movie trailers are most welcome.

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